We Serve The Best Breakfast in The  City.

The perfect restaurant for a relaxing meal to those in a business meeting or seminar, or just someone who wants to enjoy the meal accompanied by a nice view of the ocean to help relax more at your meal.

Enjoy your drink while having access to the astonishing view of the ocean, Relaxing wind breeze and an outstanding view of the city so you can have a sneak peek of the City to make it more exciting and a stay to remember.

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Perfect for business lunch, Al-gaucho gives you the sense of elegance, whether you are in for a cup of coffee, nice breakfast or a business lunch, you will enjoy every minute of it as our professional staffs are there to make it a meal to remember.

Enjoy your favorite drink with friends while you can have snacks, bites and watch sports or listen to music. To make your drink more fun the Bar @ One is accompanied by nearby games like pool table, table tennis, table football, and others more, its a perfect bar for you if you want something strong during your stay with us.

Zanzibar Coffee Shop

Zanzibar coffee shop provide you with a variety of coffee tastes, tea and lots of different bites to accompany you drink, making it a perfect coffee shop to mingle with friends while having a drink to boost your energy up. Our staffs will be there to make your favorite coffee more enjoyable.

Kahawa Cup

Kahawa Cup provide you with a variety of coffee tastes, with the environment suitable for smoking accompanied with different bites and nice wind breeze to help you relax.